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What’s your secret? Part Two

Hi again!
I know you were all on the edge of your chairs waiting for me to publish todays blog.
But first, I am curious. Did any of you go home and try to partake in any of the top 11-20?
If so, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear stories!
Well, here it is!
What’s your secret? Part Two the Top 10 Answers!

10.   Sex
Yes, you probably guessed the old man strikes again!  How fast it came out of their mouths was pretty shocking!  They didn’t even have to think.  This was for sure the answer!

9.   We are friends first
Aweeee how sweet!  You really should be friends because there is more to a great relationship than the sex!  Or is there?

8.   We sleep in separate bedrooms
WHAT!?!?  This was an answer that mostly men responded.  There were a couple women said the snoring husband was the cause but it has helped their marriage because the wife is well rested.😴

7.   We listen to each others needs
Listening , WOW!   What a concept!  How many times have you told a significant other “would you listen to me?”

6.   God
Amen!  This answer was a tie with #10 on how quickly it was answered!  I guess when you know, you know!

5.   Divorce is not an option
Surprised to hear this so often, but I love it!  With the “disposable relationship” attitude these days it’s fantastic to have the mind set that no matter how bad things get we will never give up.

4.   We never go to bed mad
I have heard this my entire life.   Better to resolve things than have a terrible nights sleep and wake up knowing you have to deal with the problem again!   Plus then you miss the opportunity for make up sex that night!

3.   We learned to compromise
This said by many seasoned ladies.   Maybe the ladies think it’s a compromise but the men have adapted to #2.  Either way- win, win!

2.   “She’s always right“-
This was the response of many men with decades of marriage under their belts.  Maybe they’re onto something here🤔

1.   We love each other
Love is a beautiful thing.  I am glad to see so many people still truly love each other and want to be a success in their relationships.


It was fun for me to get to know so many “secrets”  over the years.

I’m about to celebrate the big 10 year with my hubby so I will definitely be implementing several of these in my world.

How about you?

This concludes part two of “What’s your secret?”

Thanks for reading!

Happy Blogging!

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