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What’s your secret? Part One


Hello and welcome back!

This blog is something I have wanted to publish for several years.

I am going to talk today about a little experiment I did a few years ago when I was food serving.

I worked in fine dining at a top rated steakhouse. I learned a lot about food and wine. I will be posting on these topics soon. I also learned a lot about people.

I saw many happy couples celebrating their anniversaries. Some married only a couple of years and some decades. Some not married at all. I started asking them “what’s your secret to being a happy couple?”

The answers were amazingly all different, this got me thinking. I decided to ask the same question to all tables in the restaurant celebrating their love. I was shocked at some answers and so I began logging them.

To my surprise the couples that have been together longer gave jovial answers and the younger couples were much more serious with their answers.

This subject blog will be a two part blog so please check back tomorrow for part 2.

20. We have date nights-
I love date nights! So awesome to have alone time with your significant other, away from home, without the kids, without friends. One on one!

19. We like to try new adventures-
I like new adventures! Be sure to leave a comment if you have a fun adventure to share!

18. Counceling-
Sometimes a mediator is necessary

17. We always go to bed at the same time-
Yes, spoken by young, hot-in-the-moment couples. Obviously spoken from people without children!

16. We Role play-
Not sure a comment is even necessary. Just head to the nearest costume store!

15. We give each other Space-
I guess this coincides with #14. Space is important too!

14. We go on Vacations-
This cracks me up! Several LADIES answered they go on separate vacations! Whatever works right?

13. We hold hands wherever we go-
Yes! The art of handholding. I know every time I see a couple (especially elderly) holding hands I smile and start to miss my husband.

12. We keep the romance alive-
Good for them! I know it can be a hard task, maybe we could all use a little more effort!

11. Our Children-
This is good I think? Some people who stay together “for the kids” really are going through the motions so they won’t scar the kids with divorce. I do feel the people who answered this meant that the family gave them such joy and purpose that they were a stronger couple because of it.

I hope you found my experiment to not only be fun but, maybe get you thinking about your own relationship and maybe put some fresh perspective to it!
I’m going to go hold my Husband’s hand now , so check back tomorrow for the top 10!

Thanks for reading!
Happy Blogging!

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