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Vegetti Pro Table Top Sprializer Review

Vegetti Pro

Really cool spiral “veggie pasta” from Vegetti Pro


Ever wonder how the Vegetti Pro makes such pretty “pasta” from vegetables or those super fun curly fries?  

I always did.  I thought it would be so much fun to use and create “ribbons” of food to enjoy. 

Guess what?  I was RIGHT! (I’m just a customer, not affiliated with!)

My Birthday was in March and my husband and kids surprised me with my very own Vegetti Pro!  I was so excited I couldn’t wait to try it!  The very next day I ran out to the store and bought some potatoes, yellow squash and zucchini.

The Vegetti Pro has all sorts of amazing features. I priced it out to be under $20.00😃

 It has 3 different blades.  Thick Spiral, Thin Spiral and Ribbon Cut.



It has a suction cup with a “lock” lever on the bottom to keep it from sliding while “spiralizing”.


It has prongs to grip your vegetable and hold it in place.


It is adjustable to spiral cut up to a 7″ vegetable.


It is easily disassembled to clean and create convenient storage options. 


Let the fun begin! 

I decided to make some curly fries first because we were having steak that night.  Check out my blog on Stove To Oven Steak 

It was a lot of fun to make the fries.

image  I used the thick cut spiral blade.  The way the Vegetti Pro makes the spiral cuts, it leaves behind a core.  It kind of looks like a long skinny mushroom.



Shown above is the “mushroom” core from a zucchini.  With the curly fries I decided to throw the “mushroom” core right into the fryer with the fries. It turned out yummy just like a French fry. I should mention the curly fries are really long so make sure you cut them to length before frying.

So for the curly fries, I give the Vegetti Pro a thumbs up.

Next was zucchini and squash.

*HINT-  you don’t want to use too large of a squash/zucchini because they have seeds in the center and that doesn’t work too well in the Vegetti Pro.  Stick with about a 1″-2″ maximum diameter.


I have really wanted to make “vegetable spaghetti”.  Now is my chance!  

I decide to try the two different blades.  First, the zucchini and the Thin Spiral blade.


It is so pretty😍 And so much fun.  Really easy to attach the vegetable and The blades just glide through with such ease.  I must try the squash using the Thick Spiral blade.


Look at that!  Gorgeous!  

Now that I have covered the Thick Spiral and the Thin Spiral, let’s see what the ribbon cut can do!

I used a potato for the ribbon cut.


I found the ribbon cut to be pretty cool if you want a wider cut.  It might be good for “potato chip” like fries.  I would probably save this blade for the squash.

imageI just couldn’t stop!  I had to try a carrot.  Not impressed!


First of all, you need a really fat carrot to meet up with the blade.  Second, it doesn’t seem to cut the carrot consistently.  Some pieces are thin and some thick.  The carrot was too hard so it took a lot of pressure to put it through and I felt like I was going to damage my Vegetti Pro.  Last of all, the carrot stained the white plastic.  I washed it immediately and there is still a faint hint of orange.

So, carrots are an epic failure in the Vegetti Pro.

The Vegetti Pro is dishwasher safe, big plus!  (Maybe it will get the carrot stains out! lol)

All in all, I am so happy with my Vegetti Pro.  I would recommend this to everyone!  If you don’t own one, you should!

Let’s review.  

Soft vegetables work well.  Stay away from the carrots!

You need about an inch diameter minimum for the vegetable to reach the blade.

If you have a vegetable that gets seeds in the middle keep the diameter to about 1-2″ ( squash usually develop their seeds when they mature)

It is super duper easy to use, clean and disassemble for storage.

It is quick and easy to create yummy dishes.  Stay tuned for my Vegetti Fries and Vegetti Pasta blogs!

It’s fun!

If you want a really tasty squash recipe check out my Ritz Cracker Summer Squash Bliss

Thanks for reading!

Happy Blogging!



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