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Tooth Fairy Tips

That Darn Tooth Fairy!

Hi all!

I want to tell you a little about the tooth fairy “do and don’ts”.

First, I would like to say it is one of the most exciting times for the kids.  Loosing the baby teeth really gives them excitement.  So, as any parent would, I wanted to do it up big!   BIG MISTAKE!

*Keep in mind each kids looses 20 baby teeth total.  Add up your kids multiply by 20 and that equals the number of times you’ll be sneaking into their room in the middle of the night. (Maybe a few less depending on when they discover the ugly truth)

Containers are important!


imageMake sure the lids are easy to open.  I had to train my kids to gently place the lid on.  These are way too tight and lead to a midnight nightmare!  

Tooth pillows should have LARGE pockets for adult fingers, and they should be quiet, no zippers, Velcro or snaps.  Noise= busted!  Convince them that the side table is perfect for the pillow/container.  NEVER UNDER THE PILLOW!  Too hard to get to!image

Don’t get “cute”

I made the mistake of sprinkling glitter all around.  I told my daughter that when fairy dust landed it turned into glitter.  Crap!  Now I’m committed to an extra step each and every tooth!  Oh- and my son said “I know the fairy will leave “boy colored” fairy dust when I loose a tooth”.   So, guess who had to do a midnight run for “boy color” fairy dust!


And the extra mess you get to clean up is not fun!

Speaking of messes…. Tell your kids the tooth fairy won’t come unless their bedrooms are clean!  It’s amazing how quickly it gets cleaned without a fight!

(does this make me a bad person?  I’m already telling a lie, what’s one more?)


get your money ready!

Don’t price yourself out!  Some of the kids in my children’s classes get $5.00-$10.00 a tooth!  NO WAY!  Thanks you rich, jerks!  Sorry but our fairy caps out at $1.00 a tooth.  imageIf you are really concerned, there are actually tooth fair calculator apps available!  Really?!?!

*hint- when your child is about to loose their first tooth go get $20.00 worth of one dollar bills or (if you are crazy enough to pay  your kids more) get 20 teeth worth of payments and stash the cash for future teeth.  Trust me, that tooth will come out in the middle of a blizzard and you will be forced to raid the kids piggy bank to get that dollar because you weren’t prepared!

What do I do with the tooth?

Is it gross to keep them?  Well, maybe I’m gross but my mom kept mine, so now I keep my kids.  Make sure you have a box with a tight lid for these!  (You drop it and you’ll have a really hard time finding those tiny teeth!  I dropped a tooth once and man, that was a challenge to find!)

image Yep, there they are!

I have 2 kids and 2 tins that are exactly the same!  What did I do to keep them apart?

Ha!  Fairy dust!  A little sprinkle in the tin and now I can tell them apart!

As you can see by the “boy” dust these are my boys!


So, while you think you have it all, the kids write letters to the fairy.  imageGood grief, what do I do with all this stuff?  Get a shoebox sized container and put it up high, real high.  Put all of your cash, lost teeth and letters in it.

Good luck to you!  

Thanks for reading and happy Blogging!


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