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To Compost or not to Compost. That is the question.


Hello fellow gardeners or soon to be gardeners!

Today I will be sharing what I know about composting and what has been effective in my pursuit for the perfect compost for the garden.

So, why compost?  Because your garden will thank you for feeding them through the soil and in return, produce the most beautiful crops.  The plants want all the rich food and vitamins the compost will provide.  If you buy organic foods at the store, and organic soil and seeds, your compost will be organic too.  What a great way to serve 100% pesticide free food to your family.

To get started you will need an outdoor compost container.  The container is up to you.

Trash cans, huge heavy duty plastic storage bins, or store bought compost bins all work.  If you use a trash can or storage container make sure you drill several holes for drainage in the sides and bottom of the container.
You can also make a compost pile in the corner of your yard.  If you live in the suburbs a closed container is ideal.  There are too many mischievous animals roaming around who would love to feast on your scraps if left in a pile.

The container needs to be in a warm any sunny spot.  This helps with the decomposition process.

imageThe compost bin I use is a two chamber cylinder that can spin for easy mixing.  I use 1 chamber all winter for spring planting and then start the other chamber for the fall.

You will need dirt.  If you already have a garden you can use some of the existing soil for your compost.  Or you can buy potting soil.

imageYou will need a smaller container with a lid for indoor food scrap storage.   I use a large Tupperware (I keep mine in the refrigerator so there’s less stank, it’s out of sight and out of the way).   If you don’t have room in the refrigerator, the counter is fine just be sure to have a lid that seals to avoid smelling up your kitchen with food scraps.image


When the indoor container is full, it gets added to the large outdoor container.

*hint- When putting items in the indoor container take an extra minute to chop into small pieces.  It will decompose much faster the smaller it is.

Egg shells are a great source of vitamins for your plants.  Make sure you crumble the shells in tiny pieces or you will have big pieces in your garden.  I have a friend who couldn’t stand the shells in her garden so she soaks her shells in a pitcher of water and waters the plants with it.

Save some leaves when you rake and grass when you mow.  When dried, these are great for your compost.

If you are questioning if this is worth it,  I have had bigger and healthier plants in my garden since composting.  I also feel I am doing my part to cut down on the waste I am sending to the dump.  That makes me feel good too.

My next blog will be “What you should know before composting” followed by, ” What items should I compost?”

So go gather your items needed and let’s get composting!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Blogging!

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