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So here we are, in Colorado, in April wishing we had “showers” not blizzards!
Any of you who listen to the news or live here know what I’m talking about.
My husband and I spent our Sunday literally digging ourselves out of the snow. It snowed for 40 hours straight and left us with 2+ feet of snow. Ugggg!
I have some green tips popping out of the ground ready to bloom and be beautiful but now they are buried for at least a week.
Every February I really start missing the green of summer. I used to do the count down to spring but I have revised my thinking and now I do the countdown to summer! It never fails we have a week of 60 degree weather and then BAM a blizzard.

Luckily I am wise to the weather and know the rule about waiting to plant until after Mother’s Day. But my poor perennials don’t know and they try to join us a bit too early. In honor of my summer beauties please enjoy celebrating summer flowers.

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