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Fool Proof Grilled London Broil

Grilled London Broil 

Grilled London broil

Fool Proof Grilled London Broil 

I hope you all are having an excellent and successful grilling season thus far! 😀 

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We just celebrated my sisters 40th Birthday!  She was the last kid in the family to reach the “big-4-0”. She also has a little fella 5 months old.  When I asked her what she wanted to do for her big day she responded “steak”😋  She wanted nothing more than to hang out with the family and eat well!  Easy enough.  I was going to be the grill master (now that’s funny!) because my hubby had to work.  I was at the meat section and saw a really good looking London broil.  I had gone into the store thinking T-bones but came out with a hunk of meat.  

For Grilled London Broil Follow These Steps 

Grilled London Broil

Step 1.

Remove the meat from the refrigerator NO LESS than one hour before you are ready to grill it.  Cut a clove of garlic lengthwise and give the meat a good garlic rub on all sides.  Season the meat with a good sprinkle of salt and pepper and rub it in.  Set the London Broil aside for 1 hour to let the salt soak in and tenderize the meat.

Step 2.

Heat your grill to a medium-high heat.  I like to sprinkle the London Broil with Montreal Steak Seasoning before I put it on the grill.  

Step 3.

Grill the London Broil for 4 minutes.  Turn the London Broil 45° keeping it on the same side.  Grill for  4 more minutes.   Now Flip it over to the uncooked side.  Grill for 4 minutes.  Turn the London Broil 45° and grill for a final 4 minuets.

Step 4.

This will be the hardest step.  Remove from grill,  place on carving board and LET THE LONDON BROIL REST for 10 minutes!!!!  I’m telling you it’s so important to let the steak rest.  The juices need time to redistribute back into the meat.  If you don’t let it rest, when you cut into it they will run out everywhere leaving you with dry, tough meat.

Step 5.  

The wait is over and you may slice this amazing Grilled London Broil.  It is cooked to a lovely medium.  I like a medium rare steak but this cut of meat likes to be medium for best results.

*Optional- top with a compound butter of your choice.  (I chose a rosemary compound butter and it was amazing! )

Grilled London broil

So a little story about this dinner before I go.  Like I mentioned, it was my sisters big 4-0 and halfway through I ran out of propane and had to send her on a run to fill the tank!  Go figure!  I had to stay behind and try not to kill the yummy sides I had timed perfectly for when the grilled London broil should have been done!  I feel really lucky the sides survived. 😀 


It turned out to be a pretty amazing dinner with garlic, dill and Parmesan rainbow potatoes and Tuscan stuffed portobello mushrooms.

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10 thoughts on “Fool Proof Grilled London Broil

  1. Looks delicious Michelle – check out the full Fiesta Friday guidelines to see how you can quickly make your post eligible for this week’s features selection!

  2. Hi Michelle, I’m Anne, and I’m visiting from Turn It Up Tuesday. This London Broil looks divine! My Mom used to make this a good bit when we were growing up, but I haven’t had it now in years. Now I want to go get some tomorrow and make some!!!

  3. We would love your London Broil, it looks so tender and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday today. Have a great day and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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