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Fairy Party

It’s Party time!

The Table
The Table

It’s time for the party.

What should I do?  Party away or Party at home?

The fact is you will probably spend close to the same amount on either.

In previous years we have had celebrations at places that had a limit on how many kids could attend for the “package price”.  Additional kids would range from 15-25 extra dollars per kid!  It is highway robbery!

So this last September my daughter turned 8 and wanted to invite ALL her friends.  Well, I wasn’t going to pay the extra fee and I also wasn’t going to limit the friends invited.  So at home party it was!

Game on!  Invite all your friends and we won’t have any hurt feelings from girls being left out.

We decided a dress up Fairy costume party would be the theme.  I wanted to do it up big for her.  She is almost at the age that big parties will be a thing of the past.  So we got to work.  Months of planning and researching went into our “wooded wonderland”

Things I could purchase ahead of time I did.

Pinterest was a big help with a lot of ideas and inspiration for what lie ahead.

She decided she would like face painting and balloon twisting.  I picked up the phone and started making calls.  Yikes they are expensive!  Especially with 15+ girls invited.  So, being the mom who wanted this party to be a hit, I signed my husband and myself up for the job.  With a lot of practice and You Tube videos, we became the hired help.

The parents who brought their children to the party were in awe.  They were shocked and surprised at the challenge we took on. By the looks on everyone’s faces upon entering the party I knew all the hard work had paid off.  (to the tune of $400.00 by the way)

I realized by Party Day that I had spent far above the “extra kid fees” at a destination party facility.  But the memories and excitement was worth every penny!

Good luck with your party!

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!

The following are the pictures of the big event.

If you have any questions or would like a recipe on any of the above items please feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to post it for you!

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