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Top 4 Chicken Roulade Recipes

Chicken roulade

Chicken Roulade – 4 ways

chicken roulade

Chicken Roulade

Hi all!  What’s for dinner?

Mmmmmm chicken rolls!  Or if you are educated in fine cuisine (or French) Chicken Roulade.
“What is roulade?” you ask?  It simply means (in French) “to roll”.  

We love to try different mixtures of fillings.  We have tried so many and been so happy with the results.  So now I just make several different varieties of Chicken Roulade and slice them, put them in the middle of the dinner table and we dine “family style”.

I am going to feature my families Top 4 Roulade Picks.  “Why four” you ask?  Because there are four people in my house and we each picked our favorite.

imageChicken roulade

Jalapeño Popper  – Jalapeño, bacon and cream cheese

imageChicken roulade

Bacon Provolone – Bacon, Provolone and black pepper 

imageChicken roulade

Pepperoni Pizza – Mozzarella, pepperoni and black pepper 

imageChicken roulade

Spinach Parmesan – spinach, Parmesan, Sun Dried Tomato & black pepper 

Here is how to make this amazing chicken


Start with 2 medium to large chicken breasts,  About 8-10 oz each.  (Serves 2 adults and 2 kids) Trim off excess fat.  

Next, cut chicken lengthwise down the center to make 4 separate pieces.image

Or you can butterfly the breasts to make larger rolls. (Butterfly means cut almost through but leave chicken attached at one side and open up to lay flat.)image Pound the chicken to about 1/4″ thickness. With the flat side of a meat pounder.image

Hint- place the chicken in a large plastic ziplock bag to keep the mess down while pounding.

imageOnce the meat the meat is flat you can top it with your filling.  


Hint- Try not to over-stuff or the stuffing will squish out the sides when rolling up.


You can use toothpicks to help secure the rolls.

Now you will need to beat an egg in one bowl.

imageIn another bowl mix 2/3 cup of Panco crumbs with 1/2 cup of Italian breadcrumbs and 2 Tablespoons of flour.

imageCoat the chicken in the egg first,

imageAnd then the breadcrumb mixture.

Lightly grease the bottom of baking dish using olive oil or cooking spray.


Place in the oven at 400° for 20-25 minutes for the halved breasts or 25-30 minutes for the butterflied breasts. Make sure chicken is cooked through.

Turn breasts over during the last 5 minutes to golden each side.


You can slice and serve family style or serve as individual portions.


I hope you enjoy!

Please post a comment if you have an awesome idea for a filling.  Serve with some Easy Oven Asparagus and you have one delicious meal!

Chicken roulade
Spinach Parmesan Chicken Roulade.
Chicken  roulade
Jalapeño Popper Chicken Roulade
Chicken roulade
Bacon provolone chicken roulade.
Chicken roulade
Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Roulade.






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  1. These look delicious! Awesome pictorial, too. That’s so helpful. I’m going to start with the spinach and sun dried tomato and work my way through! Marybeth

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