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Apple Turkeys

Apple Turkeys

Apple Turkeys 

Apple Turkeys

Apple Turkeys

Gobble Gobble!

Turkey day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with Apple Turkeys!

Apple Turkeys are a fun edible craft for kids of all ages! Gobble Gobble! Click To Tweet

My kids are always asking “Can I Help?”  This is great- but only sometimes! LOL  There are times I need to get dinner on quick or I’m trying to make something pretty for this blog and I don’t want “help”!  (Mean mommie – I know!)

My kids love to make food art.  Check out my post on Peanut Butter Playddough.  

I love to set supplies in front of them and say go for it!  These Apple Turkeys will be perfect for Thanksgiving when you need to occupy your little helpers while you work as the Tasmanian devil preparing the big feast.

They are perfect centerpieces for the kids table.  You could also use them as place markers!  There are so many “job” opportunities for these little fellas!  Employment is part-time and temporary but they will be enjoyed on many levels!

Today I have Miss Morgan showing you the step-by-step tutorial for these awesome fouls!

WARNING!  This Apple Turkey will be eaten!  Try not to get to attached!  All Apple Turkeys made during this tutorial WILL GET EATEN!

First you will need some ingredients.


Fruit loops, Apple Jacks, cheerios or any cereal that has a donut shape.
Fruit Snacks
Candy Corn
Mini circular candies 

To Assemble Apple Turkeys:


Step #1  insert toothpicks into apples to make the tail feathers.


Step #2  Place cereal on the toothpicks leaving a small point of toothpick showing.


Step #3  press a fruit snack on the point of each toothpick “feather” to secure the cereal.



Step #4  Insert pretzel legs into Apple Turkey to create stability so the Turkey won’t roll.  (If you are not serving right away the pretzels will get soggy.  You can use toothpicks instead.)


Step #5  Insert a toothpick into the Apple where the stem is and then attach a candy corn for his beak.



Step #6  Apply Frosting as “glue” to where you want the whopper eyes.  These can also be attached with toothpicks.  Sometimes the frosting isn’t strong enough.



Step #7  add another dot of frosting to each whopper eye to attach white candy circles


And that’s it! Apple Turkey is done! 😀 7 simple steps, easy enough for kids to assemble, and you have a semi-healthy but really fun project/snack perfect for this Turkey Day or any other day!


Miss Morgan wasn’t satisfied yet!  She wanted to accessorize this little fella!  All on her own she decided he needed a hat!  We took a pumpkin shaped candy corn and drew a buckle on it.  We inserted a toothpick into the Apple and ta da!  Turkey hat!


Brilliant Miss Morgan!  Apple Turkeys look awesome with hats!  Who knew!?!?🤔

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our Apple Turkeys!

*Note- this Turkey survived through his photo shoot and then Morgan’s brother Max happily devoured him head first! Lol

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Happy Blogging!

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17 thoughts on “Apple Turkeys

  1. We made these as a kid with colored mini marshmallows, but I like the Apple Jacks (or Fruit Loops) even better. Thanks for partying with us on #TastyTuesdays

  2. Back in the days, we had making things like these. Nowadays, with the age of smartphones.. I doubt many kids will get to experience something like this. So sad 🙁

  3. Congratulations!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with us. Enjoy your new Red Plate and come back real soon!
    Miz Helen

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